Color-Blind Corrections

An article by former Air Force Colonel William J. Astore titled “The Races of Man” inspired this piece.
He used a picture from the 1890’s of a picture depicting human “races” in various colors which showed the racial attitudes of the time, with white “races” as the most advanced.

Astore was showing both how far we’ve come since then in knowledge and how little we’ve advanced in attitudes. As color seemed to be a major delimiter, separating people from each other, I wrote a comment (mostly what I have below) about my experiences in learning to adjust color balances in pictures by understanding flesh color as the same pattern in red, Green, Blue color sliders, regardless of how light or dark the skin tones.

I added that if I could find example pictures from my work which would illustrate this, I would add the link back from their comment section. So here is my reply.

Colors Don’t Work Right for Me

I’ve been shooting since the summer of 1967 when I took a photo course, the only one I’ve had. The next year when I enlisted in the Air Force I hoped for a photographer position. Turns out I am color blind (red/green partial deficiency, as it is termed). So I couldn’t take a photo job.

Nonetheless, I shot picture, both color and B&W developing and printing my own B&W.  I was never able to get a good color pack for color prints just by looking. When I did work in commercial photo labs, I was the B&W section. But I did do a lot of color-to-B&W conversions, usually from transparencies for a color catalog shoot.

For that I had managed, using densitomer readings, to calibrate a set of color packs for various transparency emulsions, Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Fujichrome, AgfaChrome and so forth, so that they would look right on panchromatic B&W film. Otherwise the colors produce odd looking densities.

In 1992, when Photoshop was available on Windows machines I realized that I could do my own color corrections on photos using the RGB numbers. I figured I would also calibrate the RGB settings I needed for skin tones, just as I had previously calibrated color packs for different transparency films.

I got out daylight slides of all my friends from whiter than me and super pale to honey brown, medium brown, charcoal brown and near black, blue black. I just assumed I would need a separate calibration for each, just the way I needed a separate calibration for the various transparency films.

It turned out to be much easier (a relief for me) and also a moment of “Well, du-uh.”

Everyone, no matter how pale or how dark corrected to the same pattern: more red, less blue and the green slider on a straight line between the red and blue.

The slider values need to line up in a straight line
like this fictitious example below.
…………………….RED  90
.………..GREEN  80
….BLUE   70
NOTE: These are only example values. They vary greatly, but as long as you work to line them up, you will get the right skin color.

Although I am color blind and can’t determine the right color change just by looking, it turns out I am very sensitive to the aliveness of the color and the deadness of the color. So I could work the color sliders to the overall generic pattern so that the picture popped up as alive as possible (without letting the shadows go blue).

In other words, a matter of the concentration of colorant, not which colorant. (A colorant is a color used as an ingredient creating another color. i.e. red and blue, colors in themselves, are colorants when combined to make the color purple.)

I use Lightroom now more than Photoshop and Lightroom has a different color correction mechanism. They don’t have convenient RGB sliders for me to use. Instead, I have to put the cursor over an area of skin and use the numerical readings, imagining how they would line up (as in the example above). But the method still works, with a little more effort.

I’ve used that over the years to darken or lighten colors when sometimes correcting a picture when I’ve cut off a limb and need to borrow a limb from another picture.

UMKC Fall 2007 early Dress 31 Oct 2007 - Photo, Copyright 2007 Mike Strong,

UMKC Fall 2007 early Dress 31 Oct 2007 – Photo, Copyright 2007 Mike Strong,

Some years ago I did an example (above) photo showing the blending of two dancers (white/black) into one image corrected where I had cut off the forearm of one dancer and borrowed a forearm from the other. Below is the result shown larger.

Skylar Taylor and Miyesha McGriff - "Dance Symphony No 7" by Paula Weber - UMKC Fall 2007 early Dress 31 Oct 2007 - Photo, Copyright 2007 Mike Strong, - umkcF07b_045xac

Skylar Taylor and Miyesha McGriff – “Dance Symphony No 7” by Paula Weber – UMKC Fall 2007 early Dress 31 Oct 2007 – Photo, Copyright 2007 Mike Strong, – umkcF07b_045xac

That is Skylar’s forearm extended out from Miyesha. You can’t tell the difference. We humans are just us. All of us. And we are so much closer to each other than we realize.


Mango Mussolini at 800+

868 as of August 18th, 2018

That means 62 in 13 days, just shy of two weeks.

806 as of August 5th, 2018

Sunday, August 5th: I’m glad I wrote this down because I did not expect to be at 800 names less than a month after I hit 700 names. From July 15th to August 5th is only three weeks.

Previous header

I’ve been quietly collecting names for Donald Trump that I’ve found on the web, usually in comments sections for articles. When I hit 700 early on Sunday July 15th 2018 it was time, I thought, to upload it to my blog. It keeps increasing. What a provider he is!

When I started this in early 2017 I got to about 150+ and my computer crashed. So I restarted the list from scratch, not really expecting it to get so huge. Then it got to be an interest to see just how many unique names or variations I would run across on the internet, in both articles and comments.

The names and/or descriptors range from just crude to outright clever, funny to awful or just dull and include a lot of similar formations, sometimes just different spellings for the same sounds.

Early Thursday (July 12th) I hit 666 and was kind of hoping it would stay there for a while just for fun (the mark of the beast and also the address of the underwater building at 666 fifth avenue in NYC owned by Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner)  but right away several more showed up.

Donald just keeps giving. For a while the rate of names dropped off to a few every few days, then recently it has been about as high as possible. And there are no exact duplicates, though there are, as I said, variations galore. I alphabetized it sometime ago in Excel to make it easier to determine whether I already had a name variation. Often someone’s label will inspire a comment thread with variations on that label, giving me several names at once.

When I could see it was heading to 700 I thought maybe it would pause and I could call it “The New 700 Club,” but as soon as 700 showed up, so did 701. Now it is 800 and counting with two of the three new names from a single headline.

“Mango Mussolini” was the name that first got me going. When I saw that name I went back to old movies of Mussolini and sure enough Trump’s mannerisms and face looked as though he was emulating Benito Mussolini. So that is also the name of the text file I keep these in.

Here we go with the list from my “MangoMussolini.txt” file.

868 NAMES LIST in alpha order here

Related associate names, descriptions and phrases below the names list

Ab Comedian
Agent Orange
Agolf Twittler
Alberto Fujimoron (I think the commenter mis-applied this one)
Almighty Tweetmeister
Alternative CIC
Alternative Fact
Alternative President
Alternative Trump (newspaper mistake using picture of Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Trump, instead of showing Trump)
American Unhung Hero
America’s First Retarded President
An Asshole’s Asshole
Angry Creamsicle
Arse of the Deal
Art of the Trumpaclysm
AssPestos (comment from story of Trump’s image on pallets of asbestos from Russian mining company)
Atilla the Trump
Authoritarian Dictator Pig
Authoritarian in Chief
Ayn Rump
Baby Blimp
Baby Boy Coward Dotard
Baby Manh
Baby Snookums
Bad Boy Donny
Bad Grandpa
Baron von Bonespur
Benedict Donald
Big Orange Baby
Big Orange Daddy
Big Orange Head
Big Orange Jobby
Big Orange Stooge
Big Orange Twat
Big Orange Twatwaddle
Big Yellow Kidney Stone
Bigly Dear Leader
Bigot Boy
Blabbering Puppet
Blond Bomber
Blonde Don
Blondie the Pig
Blubbering Trump
Bone Spur Kid
Bone Spur-in-Chief
Boss Tweet
Brazen Pukey Brat
Buffoonish Balloon
Bumble Pee
Bumbling Don (in contrast to Stuttering John in prank call-back phone call to Trump on Air Force One)
Bumbling Doofus
Bummer Don
Buttplug Face
Cadet Bone Spurs
Cadet Lardass Bonespurs
Cadet ‘Spanky’ Bone Spurs
Caesar Trumpestuous
Caesar Trumpous
Captain Bonespurs
Captain Underpants
Chaos Producer in Chief
Cheater in Chief
Cheeto in Chief
Cheeto King
Chief Fascist Pig
Chief Graben Haunt Us – comment in resonse to Pocahontas dig at Senator Warren
Chief Shitting Bull
Chooch (East Coast term, from the Italian ciuccio – means dummy, idiot, or moron)
Chuck NorPrez
Chump Dumps
Chump Trump
Clockwork Orangutan
Clown King
Clown Prince
Commander Bonespurs
Commander in Cheese (spoken in interview by KellyAnne Conway, Counselor to the President [Trump])
Commander in Cheeto
Comrade Cheetolino
Comrade Don
Comrade Spanky
Comrade Trump
Con Man Don
Con-old Trump
Cootie in Charge
Coward In Chief == CIC
Crook in Chief
Daddy Whorefucks
Daft Twerp
Dandy Don
Darth Cheeto
Darth Deportem
Darth Evader
Dastardly Donnie
David Dennison III – his own alias in NDA with Stormy Daniels that he didn’t sign
Day Glo Dingus
Dear Leader
Dearest DonDon
Demented Donny
Demon Dump
Der Gropinfuhror
Der Marmalade
Devil Trump
Diaper Don (play on Dapper Dan)
Diaper Donny
DIC == Dictator In Chief
Dick Tater
Dim Don
Dim Leader
Dimwit Donnie
Dirty Donald
Dirty Donnie
Dishonest Don
Dishonest Donald
Dishonorable Donald
Dog-Whistle Don
Don “Vito” Trump
Don Don the Moron
Don Fabulist
Don SemiCorleone
Don the Baby Blimp
Don The Con
Don the Dope
Don Trumpoté de la Torre
Donald Chump
Donald Do-Little
Donald Dotard Dump (was duped)
Donald Dump
Donald First
Donald Jesus Trump
Donald Jong Un
Donald of Trumptania
Donald Putin
Donald Ragin’
Donald the Demon (DTD)
Donald the Menace
Donald the Ranter
Donald the Savior (ref: “And then, playing John the Baptist to Jesus, (Stephen) Miller says … fabulous news”)
Donald the Unready
Donald Trash Trump
Donald Tumor
Donel Bobble Head
Donnie 2 Chainz
Donnie Ali Bawaaw Waaaaw
Donnie Barker
Donnie Blurto
Donnie Bone Spurs
Donnie Boy
Donnie Confabulous
Donnie Darko
Donnie Dastard
Donnie Dearest
Donnie Dimwit
Donnie Douchebags
Donnie Golem
Donnie Humper
Donnie John
Donnie Little Fingers
Donnie Q. Dump
Donnie Quixote Trump
Donnie Rotten
Donnie Rotten Trump
Donnie Tangents
Donnie the Dude
Donnie the Scum Bag
Donnie the Stiff
Donnie Toxic Dump
Donnie Two Bits
Donny Disser
Donny Dummy
Donny Grump
Donny Tosser (tosser is a Brit expression)
Donny Tweetenstein
Donnytinyhands schadenfreude
Dope on a Rope
Dorito Hitler
Dotard 45
Dotard Donald
Dotard von GolfTwit
Doughy Don
Dr. Evil
Draft Dodging Don
Drumpfie Coward
Dumald Trump
Dumb Donny
Dumbo the Elephant
Dumbster Donnie
Dump Truck
Dumps the Merciful
Dumpster Donnie
Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire
Dunnald and his 5″ stiletto concubine
Dystopian Don
El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago
El Commandante
El Duce
El Presidenti Paper Tiger
El Supreme POS45
El Trumpo
El Twittler
Emperor Donald
Emperor Trump
Endless Insane Trump Clown Show
Enemy of the People
Fanny Baws
Fare Prince (refering to tarifs)
Fart of the Deal
Fascist Tangerine
Fat A s s
Ferret Top
Field Marshal Bone Spurs
Fish-Lipped Fraud
Five-Deferment Draft Dodger
Flagellum Dei
Flaming Orange Satan
Flash Don (from medieval English where Flash [town name] means Swamp)
FLOATUS (as Trump Baby Blimp floats over London)
Forever 10-Year-Old President
Forrest (evil) Dump
Forrest Trump
Fossil Fool
Fresh Prince of Bad Hair
Fucking Moron
Fuhrer Drumpf
Fuzznut Dotard
Gelatinous Orange Pustule
General Bone Spurs
General Trump
Generalissmo Trump
Giant Orange Anus
Giggles sNot
Ginger Mussolini
Golem the Trump
Great Disrupter
Great Orange Booby
Great Orange Dictator
Grifter in Charge
Groper In Chief
Grump Trump
Grumpy Trumpy
Gutter Prez
Hair Furher
Hair Furor
Hair Hitler
Hair Twittler
Hamster Heedit Bampot
Handy Don
Herr Donald
Herr Fucktard
Herr Gropenfuhrer
Hideaway Don
His Majesty
His Majesty King Trumpturd
His Rotundity
Huckleberry Spinmeister
Human Ipecac
Human Skid Mark
Humpty Trumpty
Humpty Trumpy
Hunker Down Don
I Alone
Idiot In Chief – IIC
Ignorant Orange Savage
Il Dookie
Il Duce No2 (II)
Il Dunce
Incoherent in Chief
Incompetent Jizztrumpet
Incomprehensible Jizztrumpet
Inflamed Gland – IG
Iron Man Leader
Irregular Donnybrook
Jabba the Frown
Jabba the Trump
Jethro P. Trumpkin
Jobbie Jabber
John Pisani Donny Two Scoops (mafia style name from comment)
Julius Cheeser
Kentucky Fried Nero
King Bigly Ruler
King Don
King Donald
King Donald I (ref: “fundamentalist Christian Dominionist theocratic dictatorship”)
King Jobby (Brit expr)
King of Chaos
King of Distraction
King of the Swamp
King PeePee
King Salmon Head
King Shytes
King Trump
Klepto Don
Klown in Chief
Klown King
Large BM
Le Tromper
leghumping dullard
LINCOTUS (Liar in chief of the US)
Little Dickie Don
Little Donnie
Little Donny Wetpants
Little, Little Pseudo-Man
Little Lord Trumperoy
Little Lord Trumpleroy
Little Orange Fuhrer
Little Orange Man
Little Orphan Donnie
Little Small Man
Loathsome Donnie
Lord Commander Marmilade
Lord Littlefingers
Lord Moldyshorts
Lord Of The Tweets
Loser President
Ludicrous Tangerine Ballbag
Ly’in Don and His Deplorables
Lyin’ King
Lying Trump
Mafia Don
Mafia Donnie
Magic Don
Malignant Cancer
Malignant Narcissist
Man Baby
Manchurian Idiot
Mangled Apricot Hellbeast
Mango Mussolini
Mar a Cupcake
Marmalade Mephistopheles
Marmalade Mussolini
Marmalade Shitgibbon
Master Distractor
Masterbuting Orange Cheese Puff
Masturbating Bar Stool
Mayhem President
Me the People!
Mensa Moron
Merciful Dumps
MIC – Mocker in Chief
MIC – Moron in Chief
Micro Mitts
Minority President Trump
Mister I Alone
‘Mob Boss’ Trump
Monday Morning Quarter Pounder!
Moscow Don
Moscow Mueller Bait
Mr. Big Deal Maker
Mr. Bone Spurs
Mr. Cheese
Mr. Crankypants
Mr. Fart 45
Mr. Hubris
mr. t
Mr. Top Creep in Charge
Mr. Treason
Mr. Tweeterpeter
Munster Dump
Naked Emperor
Napoleon Bonaspurs
Nickelback President
Noxious Excrescence
Nuthouse Napoleon
O.J. Treason
Oaf in Office
Oaf of Office
Obese Offensive Obstructionist Puppet
OIC – Outrager-in-Chief
Old Orange Head
Old Yellowstain
ONIT — for: Our National Ingrown Toenail
ORANGE AGENT MA-AN, ORANGE A-AGENT MA-AN! (sung in Johnny Rivers’ voice to theme of “Secret Agent Man” – 1960’s TV drama with Patrick McGoohan)
Orange Angus Beef-on-the-Hoof
Orange Anus
Orange Ape
Orange Assclown
Orange Bag of Putrid Gas
Orange Blowfish
Orange Buffoon
Orange Butt
Orange Butthead
Orange Caligula
Orange Cardio Event
Orange Clown
Orange Clown Fish
Orange Colostomy Bag
Orange Creepoid
Orange Cry Baby
Orange Dawn (ironic reference to “Red Dawn” movie)
Orange Devil
Orange Dictator
Orange doG
Orange Droolius
Orange Drumpfman
Orange Dump
Orange Failure in Chief
Orange Ferret Comb Over
Orange Finger
Orange Foolius
Orange Fraud
Orange Front Man
Orange Fucktard
Orange Fuzz Man
Orange Grifter
Orange Hair Monster
Orange Head
Orange Hero
Orange Hog
Orange Hulk
Orange Hulk Child
Orange Idiot
Orange Ignoramus
Orange Julius Caesar
Orange Knuckle Dragger
Orange Loon
Orange Marionette
Orange Marmalade Head
Orange Menace
Orange Minion
Orange Moron
Orange Oligarch
Orange Pig
Orange Pillock
Orange Pretender
Orange Pumpkin
Orange Rabbit
Orange Satan
Orange Savage
Orange Savior
Orange Sex Pest
Orange Shitgibbon
Orange Sphincter
Orange Stain
Orange Taint
Orange Toddler
Orange Too Sad
Orange Top
Orange Tumor
Orange Turd
Orange Wasteman
Orange Zit
Orange-Tinted Beast
Orange-Tinted Insult to Common Human Decency
Orange-Topped White Supremacist
Orangina Clown Crook
Our Caligula
Outrager in Chief (OIC)
Pee Brain (New York Daily News headline)
Perdition Prez
PINO 45 (president in name only)
Pissy Galore
PoopFace Trump
POSident Trump
POTUS = POke-and-Taunt-US (after Pocahantas crack in front of Andrew Jackson portrait while honoring code talkers)
POTUS Patheticus
President “Snowflake”
President B.S. (see above)
President Bone Spurs
President Chaos
President Chia Pet Head
President Dennison (named used for him on non-disclosure he didn’t sign with Stormy Daniels)
President Dumpferments
President Dumpster
President Dunce
President Heel Spurs
President Jackel and Hide Away
President Little Fingers
President Lurch and Leap
President Marmalade
President Mayhem
President McGuffin
President Mitty
President Orange Fucktard
President Pee-pee
President Perdition
President Pig Face
President Pucherbutt
President Pumpkinhead
President Single-Cell Organism
President Skidmark
President Spanky
President Swampmouth
President Teenage Girl (“I don’t wanna go! Your gonna make me? Well i’ll just show up late and make a big stink while I pout in my corner. I’m gonna leave early and show them.”)
President Trash
President Trumphole
President TweeterPeter
Presidunce Crooked Trump
Prictator Drumpf
Producer in Chief
Projection President
Provider in Chief (of names)
PT Barnum of the White House
Puffy Orange Head
Pussy Boss
Putin’s Caddy
Putin’s Celebrity Apprentice
Putin’s Orange Agent
Putin’s Patsy
Putin’s Poodle
Pяesidunce Putinfluffer
Racketeer in Chief
Ragtop 45
Reakin’ Jobby
Resident Dump
Resident Trump
Rotting-Fish-Head Leader
Rump and Co.
Rump Goy
Rump Rash
Rump Roast
Russian Bot
Russian Bought
Russian Bought Bot
Saddumb Hussein
Scam Man Donnie
Schroedinger’s Douchebag
SCROTUS == So-Called Ruler of the United States
shambly mambly Russian doll Do-nal’id Trump (writing in a Scottish accent)
Slimy Orange Hero
Slouching Tiger, Tweeting Dragon
Slum Lord Million Error
Social Twit Path
Son of Scam
Spank Me
Spanky D
Spanky McBonespurs
Spanky Tee
Spanky the Dumpster
Squirrel-Haired Furor (sic)
Stormy Donald
Stumbling Don
Stupid in Chief
Super Dump! (as in: Look up in the sky! It’s a cheeseburger, no it’s a drumstick, no it’s a Golden tumbleweed. No it’s Super Dump!)
Super Trump!
Swamp Don
Swampy Don
Swillo Largo
Swine-in-Chief (from “Pearls before Swine-in-Chief.”)
Talking Yam
Tangerine Caligula
Tangerine Nightmare
Tangerine Tantrum
Tangerine Troglodyte
Tangerine Turd
Tangerine Twatwaffle
Tangerine Tyrant
Teflon Don
Teflon Don Trump
Tent Pole Grifter
The American Gobshite
The Blonde Don
The Case of The Barking Barstool
The Chaos President
The Cheeto Prophet
The Dalek Trump
The Dastard
The Donald
The Flatulent One
The Great Collaborator
The Great Disrupter
The Great Donald Debacle
The Great Narcissist
The Great Orange One
The Great Orange Pumpkin
The Great Polluter
The Great Traitor
The Invincible Mr. Trump
The ManGo
The Moron
The Muscovian Candidate
The National Embarrassment
The National TROLL
The Orange Dead Beat
The Orange Finger
The Orange Genius
The Orange Man
The Orange One
The Orange Tramp
The Orangutan
The Puke of Orange
The Putin Apprentice
The Resident
The Siberian Candidate
The So-Called President
The Spy Who Loved Pee
The T Robot/Hologram
The Tangerian Candidate
The Tangerine Hellbeast
The Trump Creature
The Welchman (as in to welch on an agreement)
The YUUUge Orange One
Tinkles Trump
Tiny Hands
Top Grifter
Toupe’d Fucktrumpet
Toxic Trump
Traitor 45
Traitor in Chief
Traitor Trump
Treasonous Dotard
Treasonous Monster
Tronald Dump
Trooper Trump
Trump = Treason
tRUMP and his littlings!
Trump Baby
Trump Chump
Trump Roast
Trump the Chump
Trump the Lump
Trump the Stump
Trump Thumper
Trump Trash
Trumper Tantrum
Trumpestuous President
Trumpet Mouth
Trumpie Bear
Trumply Whiplash
Trumpo the Klown
Trump-Owned Bruisenesses
Trumpty Dumpty
TrumPuerRico Island Resorts
Trumpy Bear
Tsarina Donalda
Tweedle Dumb
Tweeter in Chief – TIC
Tweety Turd
Twitter Addict-in-Chief
Twitter Baby
Twitter Tantrump
Twitterer in Chief
Twitty Bird
Twitty Fingers
Two Scoops
Tяaitor Tяump
U Bum (tweet from LeBron James)
Ugly Orange Front Man
Unquenchable Fount of Untruth
Unsinkable Trumptanic
Urine Top McBonespurs
US President Putin
Vladie’s Baby Mahn
Vladie’s Middle Finger
Vladimir_Bone Spur_tRump (an anti-Trump commenter handle)
Von Trump Mafia
Vulgar Talking Yam
Wailing Anal Aneurysm (the) Or Waa
Waistman Trump
Wasteman Trump
Weapons-Grade Plum
Weaselheaded Fucknugget
White House Fool
Whittle Donnie
Whopper Don
Widdle Trumpy
Wiggy Slice
Wilted Caesar (regarding a wilted Caesar Salad on China trip which Dumps ordered Rex Tillerson to eat)
Witless Fucking Cocksplat
Wonsit W*nker
Wrecking Ball Donnie
Yellow-Possum Top

Other names and concepts and associations about “Team” Trump

TRUMP == Truly Russian Made Product
Twilight Zone intro to “He’s Alive” with Dennis Hopper as a US Nazi working for Hitler (dead but present) – is very current

“Portrait of a bush-league Führer named Peter Vollmer, a sparse little man who feeds off his self-delusions and finds himself perpetually hungry for want of greatness in his diet. And like some goose-stepping predecessors he searches for something to explain his hunger, and to rationalize why a world passes him by without saluting. That something he looks for and finds is in a sewer. In his own twisted and distorted lexicon he calls it faith, strength, truth. But in just a moment Peter Vollmer will ply his trade on another kind of corner, a strange intersection in a shadowland called the Twilight Zone.”

And the end comment:

“Where will he go next, this phantom from another time, this resurrected ghost of a previous nightmare – Chicago? Los Angeles? Miami, Florida? Vincennes, Indiana? Syracuse, New York? Anyplace, everyplace, where there’s hate, where there’s prejudice, where there’s bigotry. He’s alive. He’s alive so long as these evils exist. Remember that when he comes to your town. Remember it when you hear his voice speaking out through others. Remember it when you hear a name called, a minority attacked, any blind, unreasoning assault on a people or any human being. He’s alive because through these things we keep him alive.”

Trump’s already energized his “sturmtruppen” for armed violence against the state should he be removed from power.
Randyrocker :: Trump’s dumber than his own brain.
“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” Joseph Goebbels
LeBron puts children through school. – Trump puts children in cages.
Rudy Drooliani
Colludy Giuliani
Based on looks “Nosferatu” fits him (Giuliani)
“Weekend at Trump’s” ala shades of “Weekend at Bernie’s”
Just another “Dump Dynasty” episode
She is a pothole (said of daughter, Ivanka Trump)
Fux Noise
GOPR = Grand old Party of Russia
GOPussies in Congress
Seventeen Angry Democrats = SAD, as in this president
“Collude? I thought you said Quaalude.”
Mister Vee Pee-Pee (vice pres Pence)
GOP = Gutless Oppressive Person
GOP = Groveling Over Putin
Tick Tock, Motherfucker
The “Kremlin Annex” formerly known as the White House
Trump is full bore incompetent.
Trump’s new book “The Art of the Deflection”
the Kingdom of Trump


From CounterPunch on visit to UK – describing numerous signs held up:

“Bastard has ruined orange forever”,
“Piss off you orange bastard”,
“I could shit a better president”,
“Free Melania”,
“Even Melania thinks you’re a dick”,
“Too many tweets make a twat”,
“Big orange twat”,
“Trump as welcome as a World Cup 3rd place playoff”,
“Tyrant racist umpa-lumpa misogynist psychopath”,
“You’re even worse than Morrissey”,
“In England Trump means fart”,
“All in all you’re just another prick with no wall”,
“Sorry but you’re just not our cup of tea”,
“Take Boris with you”, (Boris Johnson, brexit guy who can’t keep an elected/appointed job)
“Don’t let Trump grab us by the country” (sign held by a woman),
“Go home Trump we have enough racists as it is”,
“If the US government was an orchestra Trump would be its air guitarist”,
“Fake-off Donald!”,
“Can’t comb over sexism”,
“We shall overcomb”,
“No to torture no to Trump”,
“Keep your tiny hands off our queen”,
“Feed him to the corgis”,
“Golden towers & golden showers”,
“This crowd is bigger than your inauguration crowd”
“Yer Maw Was an Immigrant, Ye Nugget.”

He’s a Russian-backed NY mobster posing as Potus!

… there are 2 things that have always disappeared quickly around Donald Trump. Reputations and Cash.
… … (reply) and humanity.

— below are the end-notes entries already posted to blogs ############
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the grab-’em-by-the-pussy president
The Reality TV White House Freakshow
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The White Hose
Donnieland == USA
Lugenpresse, Mein Fuhrer?
F Trump and F all rePutincans!
… a huge f***ing tumor. Orange and metastasized.
Ruh-roh! Looks like Dr. Mueller is going to perform a “Cohenoscopy” in Trump
Mueller Mondays!!!
Cohen, just a low level covfefe boy
kakistocracy (/?kæk?s’t?kr?si, -‘st?k-/) a system of government which is run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens
Next up.. the noted scuffed-shoe law firm of Slipp, Skipp & Tripp.
As Curly used to say: I’m trying to think, but nothing happens!
New movie sequel coming out….Saving Private Bone Spurs.
Trump would pass the guy a note saying, “I’ve got a gub!”.
“Only I can fix it”
(me) The McGuffin who owns the company
(me) “A military parade is when your uniform becomes a costume.”
The hyppocritipotomus lives in denial river
“Trump’s Razor” = “ascertain the stupidest possible scenario that can be reconciled with the available facts”
… a careening set of brainless balls like Donald Trump …
Rename ACA from “Obama Care” to “I-vaaan-Kare”
Our Nation is at Steak, Trump Steaks
I wonder if the GREAT WALL OF TRUMP will be visible from outer space?
Trump has changed the meaning of the phrase, “Putting a 45 to our heads.”
Sean (I’m really the president) Spicer
Huckleberry-Slanders (Sarah Huckabee Sanders, press secretary)
Sarah Hucksterbee
Propaganda Barbie (Kelly Anne Conway)
Rudy Crudy Fooliani
Rucy Boo-liani, Amirite
Rudislav Giulianski
Camp Runamuck
Trumplandistan (an exclusive realm ruled by and for the billionaire class)
Traitor Tot (Don Jr)
Mike Dence
Steve “Barbarian” Bannon
— still others
Debbie does Payday Lenders – Comment about Debbie Wasserman Schulz
Orange is the new Conway
The Orange House (instead of White House)

Forever Trumpers (staff)
Rinse Repeat (Reince Piebus)
Ku Klux Keebler Elf (Jeff Sessions)
Tony Scarface Scarmuchly (Anthony Scaramucci)
Morons making millions
American Tea-laban
NRA (the Nazi’s Right Arm)
General Buttercup Gen Kelley after taking a dressing down from Trump
Fecal Minions for Trample’s staffers
Trumpeteers in Congress
Parasite Enablement and Protection Act (more briefly known as Trumpcare)
Fright House’ (f/k/a White House)
The Sinking USS Trumpster
He hath not the stones…

regularly scheduled panicking

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” Albert Einstein

He was paying her not to tell people how small Trump’s “credentials” are… (on Stormy Daniels’ case about Dumps’ lawyer, Michael Cohen)

Side note on DACA person who is a math student, being deported without a hearing by ICE:
she’s a member of Al Gerbra a radical group that often goes off on tangents …

comment on hiring of Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director July 21, 2017
John Pisani Donny Two Scoops just hired Big Tony to get the job done right this time.

Also – a side note from an article in AEon at
But more: seeking freedom in all things, loathing restraint, the fact of lying becomes an ambition for breaking free of the tethers of honesty, of being ‘bound’ to tell the truth. Libertarians are masters of post-truth misinformation, and their technique is simple. Take a truth (climate change, Rwandan genocide, Serbian concentration camps) and simply declare it is a lie. (A ‘myth’, a ‘hoax’, a ‘scam’, a ‘swindle’.) Sit back and wait a minute, and a very gullible press with little editorial responsibility will happily help you tell the public that they have been conned. No one wants to feel they’ve been duped so, hey presto! You have a ‘war of ideas’. Without evidence, argument or proof. Without expertise or knowledge.

The alt-Right uses ‘cuckservatives’ as its hypermasculine insult to Republicans

He flipped on a light switch and the cockroaches all scrambled into the White House.

time for a whole new category called “Alternative Humans” I’ll start with Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Miller.

Maybe Ivanka could show daddy a nice straightjacket with matching butterfly net from her asylum collection

The American Banana Republic at Mar-a-Lago

Shitforbrains with a side order of imbecile. Sterling qualifications for the job.


Typo: “If he was a muslin, …”

Russ Baker: “Pwesident Twump, Stop tweeting people like garbage.”

we don’t need editors, we have Spill Chucker

Sky Pete, I carry a covfefe every morning (reply to comment)

MAGA – Make America Grate Again
MAGA – Making America Gag Again
MAGA – Moore’s America Grates Again
MAGA – Morons Are Governing America
MAGA – Mueller Ain’t Going Away
MAGA – Make Asbestos Great Again
MMRA – Make Myself Rich Again
MRGA – Make Russia Great Again
MASA – Make America Shamed Again. And again…and again…
MAWA: make America white again

Huckelberry Spin – for press secretary Sarah Sanders

Trump, the ultimate defucktive
Defucktive Fiction
Mental defucktive

Help us Obi Wan KeMeuller, you’re our only hope!

The head rats, our “leaders” (if it is even possible to lead anybody anywhere inside a cage), have proven to be as mediocre and clueless as anyone else. Which is sort of proof we are a democracy, if we want to look at it that way. While it is a myth that virtually anybody can grow up to be president, we have demonstrated that nitwits have more than a fighting chance. During my 40 years writing media ass-wipe for the public, I have interviewed many of “the best of my generation,” and, believe me, most of them were not much.

Naturally, they believe they are far superior by virtue of having made it to an elevated point in the gilded cage, closer to the feed, water and sex. Because they believe it, and the media–sycophants waiting for quotes–echoes their belief, discussing their every brain fart, we tend to believe it, too. Nothing shakes our belief, not even staring directly into the face of a congenital liar and nitwit like Sarah Palin, or a careening set of brainless balls like Donald Trump or a retarded jackal like George W. Bush.

Trumpers have gone from “drain the swamp” to “the swamp is good, get over it ”

It’s not “felony leaks” that are the’s the felons in the White House!

Kelly is now encrusted with thick layers of toxic Trump cooties

Trump tweet: We’ve got a great deal for our supporters this Black Friday! Use the code GIVING for 30% off OFFICIAL Trump Merchandise ->
The @GOP has turned into the Trump Home Shopping Network. SAD!
I’m getting facepalm acne.
Kristine Parkhill Lovell: A trump dog collar and leash? Seriously? He doesn’t even like dogs. He doesn’t like anyone that’s smarter than he is.
Bryan Moe: Who said the collar was for a dog? This is a Trump product after all.
Andrew Carlson: It’s one of his props from his business trip to Russia…

Could be a halfwit if he applied himself

Veto The Cheetoh!

Comments about the 18-karat gold toilet at the Guggenheim.
Alison Zapata · The University of the Arts
We’re number two! We’re number two! Hahaha
Sharyn Brown
Well, so much for the donation he was just about to send you!
Douglas Housel Sr. · Works at Retired Postal Workers
future home of many cheeseburgers
Motheba Alina Nthabiseng Rakuoane · Senior Crown Counsel at Turks & Caicos Islands Government Press Office
To complement his golden showers I guess??
Emma Noonan · Works at Bum Rogers Crabhouse & Tavern
He just told him where he “Can Gogh”
Jay Scott · Malibu, California
1st Amendment toilet paper in the white house?
Chris Comacho · Stockton, California
More like a Van “Go”. Do the “showers” match the seat? ????
Hilary Marion · New York, New York
Finally! “the king” gets a suitable throne ????????
Evelyn Roberts ·Owner/ President at Yummy Fat
They should have also offered a Golden Shower. He’d totally accept that.
Faye Grubb · University of Evansville
They probably thought he had to Gogh!
Julie B. Trivedi · Medical Director of Infection Prevention for University Hospitals at UT Southwestern Medical Center
A Sh..hole for him to use.

On the military parade he wants
It’s actually really funny that top pentagon officials are being ordered to throw a parade for a reality tv dipshit.

(me) If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, paddles like a duck, flies like a duck it should be obvious, it’s an elephant.

Trump: “We’re gonna’ build a wall.”
China: “That won’t work, trust us.”

Phil Newton · Wordsmith at Self-Employed :: Good God. Still waiting for the South to writhe again.

“Ben Carson … tossed out the Hippocratic Oath and replaced it with the Hippocritic Oath …” (HUD secretary)

From comment on Rudy Giuliani exposing payoffs to Cohen to cover payoffs to Stormy Daniels::
old Giulie is like a puppy carpet bombing the WH, they need to follow him around with newspapers

Carl Echevarria · Works at Retired::
Did Trump actually hire Giulliani or is he, R.G., doing it for sport, a la pro bono?
They do make a nice looking couple!
Rudy looks like he swallowed the White House.

And the fact it was bad for women was just a bonus for them.

TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

Trump lives in a land of make believe ME.

Dumps wanted to own his own football team, the Brooklyn (Bone) Spurs.

Wanda Watts-Williams
“2 reality stars walk into the oval(bar) office …” On Kim Kardshian meet with Trump on prison reform


After the successes of the left in the 60’s and 70’s, the state turned to counter-insurgency lawfare.

Miracle E Brown: Trump? Think? Quit with the comedy.
Richard Roeder to Miracle E Brown: Sorry, what was I thinking?

Bob Jase: You can summon the devil and sell him your soul or work for Trump – either has the same effect.

Who knew rock bottom had a basement?

On asbestos story with Trump’s face on Russian pallets of the stuff:::
* Given how toxic Tr*mp is, putting his face on asbestos makes perfect sense.
* Asbestos and trump are bad for your health. Truth in advertising!
* more proof that anything attached to tRump is dangerous to humankind….
* It fits. His image should also be on cans of rat poison etc.

Scott :: Trump is our Nero.
ErnestineBass to Scott :: Having never mastered the fiddle, Drumpf plays a dog whistle instead.

on the golf course Dump pees off

on the Trump Baby Blimp over London:::
Wayne George : The resemblance is remarkable. Thin skin and gas.

Was it Adolf Giulliani or Sara Sucker-be Sanders or maybe that Compulsive lying lapdog Wannabe a SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh that declared that the President should not have to be bothered by the Russian Probe or any indictments against him , he has lots of more difficult things to worry about, like : Playing other 18 holes of golf , crashing weddings with the hope of grabbing some pussy , Or maybe laying around the swimming pool working on his Orange tan and scarfing down a couple of buckets of KFC while he uses those greasy fingers to tweet insults at everyone in the world .

New bumper sticker for trumpers. PUTIN / TRUMP 2020 When you just cannot admit you were WRONG.

Jared owns a building in NYC with address of 666. It is a sign! LOL